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Archival Impulse & The Perfect Wave | Communication Design

Archival Impulse & The Perfect Wave

Lizzie Malcolm graduated from Graphic Design in 2010.

Lizzie is currently working with interactive graphic design group ‘Lust‘ in The Hague, Netherlands where she has been working on projects with musicians and sound engineers to explore sound online for the Loos Foundation. She is also working on a serious of experimental projects exploring facial recognition as an interface for social media.


Archival Impulse

This project explores ‘the archives’, so far futile attempts to keep up with technology, which ultimately challenges the relationship we have as its creators, editors and users.

VHS video tapes cast in ceramic sit on pressure sensitive buttons that play a video sequence of the original contents of the VHS tape when the buttons are released by lifting the ceramic VHS tape. The project was also produced as as an online site where the viewer became the playhead by scrubbing the archived videos to play their contents.



The Perfect wave is Now Anomalous

Navigating a slice of the radio is like rowing across a river. Everything happens simultaneously, so you must take a diagonal line.

A slice of FM broadcasting has been sampled and translated from its analogue source to digital and back again. By moving the mouse across the digital representation of the original radio sound the sound is scanned by the mouse and played back.


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