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Distant Land | Communication Design

Distant Land

Marco Scerri graduated from the Masters in Communications Design (MDes) with a ‘Distinction’ specialising in Photography in September 2012.

His project called ‘Distant Land’ reflected on the immigration issues involving Malta as an access point to Europe and how the immigrants and authorities relate. He is currently based in Glasgow working as a freelance Graphic Designer, Photographer and Educator.

Take a look at a map of the Mediterranean Sea, and observe
its form, its profile, its contours. This is not a Rorschach test,
but with a little pareidolic imagination, you may notice that the Mediterranean is the shape of a fetus: two feet crossed between Spain and Morocco, head resting against Egypt and Palestine, umbilical cord leading up to the Italo-Slovenian Alps. The comfort of the womb, a fertile basin, the cradle of civilisation. Now rotate the map 180o, south-up. You may see the shape of a small boat, complete with a low cabin, or a rectangular Pheonician sail. Travel, migration, trade. With the little boat still in mind, bring the map back to its ‘standard’ (yet utterly conventional) north-up orientation. The Mediterranean is also the shape of a corpse, in fetal position, lying at the bottom of the sea. It’s been there for a while, enough to turn as blue as the water that swallowed it whole.

Distant land was a publication and can be seen online here.

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